Universal Rivnut Kit

Normal price: $19.99 Sale price: $19.99 each

Rivnut Vehicle Install Kit

Allows you to install in any vehicle we have yet to find one where we couldnt install.  Feel free to contact us if you need ideas.  See some of the different applications on our pictures and description below.


Kit Includes:

1  13" Support bar to add strength to mounting sufrace

1  Rivnut Install Tool (5/16 Bolt & Oversize nut)

7  Rivnuts

7  Lock washers for installing RivNuts

7  5/16 Allen head bolts


Tools Needed for Install:

1. Drill

2. 27/64 Drill Bit & Smaller drill bits for pilot holes

3. Measuring Tape

4. Socket, Open or cresent Wrench (sizes 1/2", 9/16")

5. Allen key or Allen bit

*Optional Locktight

**Do not drill larger than 27/64 or the rivnut will free spin and not work.  The rivnut must be a tight fit into the 27/64 hole.



Single cab trucks that dont have rear seats have been mounted to the rear of the cab using the rivnut kit. 

Dual Cab trucks have been mounted behind rear seat or bottom of rear seat.


Cars:Mounted to trunk Lid

SUV: Mounted to backside of rear seats


* If you provide a quality video with simple easy to follow step by step instructions we can provide a discount or partal refund.  Contact us for details. 


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